Teeth Whitening Tray Treatments In Sheffield

Teeth whitening trays are the safest most common teeth whitening treatment in the UK. The process involves adding gel to a custom made bleaching tray, which fits around your teeth. The filled trays are often worn overnight, as while wearing them, you can’t eat, drink or smoke. The whitening effect progresses at a different pace for everyone, when you wear a tray. But, typically patients see results after four treatments.



It’s worth noting, that sensitivity is a normal part of the teeth whitening process when you use trays. Never fear though, it usually only lasts a couple of days after the whitening treatment. If your teeth are too sensitive though, there are measures that can be taken, such as filling a tray with sensitive toothpaste and wearing it for a few hours.



To get the most from a whitening tray treatment, it’s best to avoid things that can stain your teeth for at least a month after. That means things like smoking, drinking coffee or eating berries and curries.



We find whitening trays have a lot of benefits for clients. First and foremost, it’s an affordable option, compared to laser treatment, meaning you can also return back to the treatment regularly, should you wish to do so. Secondly, they are also a comfortable and efficient route to whiter teeth, with most of the process being done overnight. It should also be pointed out, that despite the ease and affordability of the teeth whitening process, the end results from using trays are directly comparable to laser teeth whitening. The key to a successful treatment, is always using a professional dentist, so if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with us today.

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How tray whitening works in 5 simple steps

  1.  If you’re interested in getting a teeth whitening treatment, the first step is to see us for a consultation. When you arrive, one of our dentists will carry out an examination on your teeth and confirm you’re able to get your teeth whitened.
  2. The next step is to then prepare for the treatment. Typically, there are two options, either a generic bleaching tray, or a custom fit version. For a custom fit bleaching tray, a dentist will take impressions of your teeth and send them away to manufacture the tray, before starting the whitening process.
  3. Once the tray is prepared, the team at Teeth Whitening Sheffield provide a neutral PH chemical, such as Hydrogen Peroxide, or sometimes Carbamide Peroxide, in gel form.
  4. This chemical is added to a whitening tray, which will be applied to your teeth. The chemical reaction that takes place will reduce the unwanted discolouration, by breaking down troublesome compounds.
  5. Depending on your treatment course, you may then use your tray, or mouthguard at home on a regular basis. You’ll need to regularly apply gel to it and wear it for a short period of time, over several weeks, to get to the desired shade of white for your teeth. Should you reach that ahead of schedule, you can always stop using the gel!
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