Laser Teeth Whitening In Sheffield

For many years, the most common form of teeth whitening was tray whitening, which involves regularly submerging teeth in hydrogen peroxide to lift stains. It requires several treatment courses to be effective, and typically requires a client to wear a teeth whitening tray for several hours at a time (we recommend doing it overnight!). It’s a tried and tested method that we’ve used at Teeth Whitening Sheffield for many years.



In recent times though, technological advances have led to a faster version of the process – laser teeth whitening. Rather than leave the chemical for long periods of time, lasers are implemented by your dental professional to increase the speed of the chemical reaction taking place on your teeth. This can typically whiten teeth in half the time.


What to expect during laser teeth whitening

 Any client wanting laser teeth whitening in Sheffield will first have a consultation, to check they are suitable and take them step by step through the treatment. Once you’re confirmed as eligible, and you’re totally happy with how the laser teeth whitening will work, we can begin the process.

To start laser whitening, we place a concentrated bleaching chemical, in gel form, on to your teeth. This gel will then be targeted by our laser. To be honest, he laser is not quite as futuristic as it sounds. It’s typically a pen like machine and we’ll direct it at your teeth in order to activate the gel. This activation will hasten the bleaching procedure, and the first thing you’ll notice is that the gel will start to foam up. This foaming is nothing to worry about, and simply means the laser is encouraging a reaction from the chemical. At this point, the treatment will be starting to remove those annoying stains on your teeth.


We’ll leave the gel for a short amount of time and once we’re satisfied with your whitening coverage, we’ll remove it. It’s likely we will need to repeat this process three or four times to get to your desired shade. Each session will take somewhere between 15 minutes and an hour in total.



What happens after

If you choose to get laser teeth whitening in Sheffield, you might experience some side effects after. But, it’s unlikely to be anything serious. Sensitive teeth and perhaps a little gum irritation is totally normal, but they’re usually mild and won’t last long. 


To help you recover, we always suggest avoiding any really hot or cold food and drink for a few days after. We also recommend that you only drink clear liquids for a few hours after, and avoid any substances that often stain teeth. Think red wine, curry and coffee!

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Laser Teeth Whitening In Sheffield: 5 Benefits

The pros of laser teeth whitening are pretty clear, and often very attractive to our clients. If you’re interested in getting laser teeth whitening in Sheffield, take a look at our top five list, below:



  • It is a highly effective and reliable treatment method, that is proven to get results.
  • The treatment process is usually complete within an hour, whereas whitening trays are usually worn over night.
  • Results are usually noticeable from the first round of treatment, which can a confidence boost.
  • As Laser teeth whitening is administered by a professional, it is very safe. This is contrast to many products that are sold online for home use.
  • The treatment is painless and non invasive. No needles or anything like that are required!

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Laser Teeth Whitening in Sheffield

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