3 tips to ensure you get your teeth whitened safely

Follow our tips to get the best and safest results for your teeth

Teeth whitening is a very popular service in the dentistry industry. However, it’s a topic that can be seen as controversial, due to issues that can be caused if it’s done wrong, or too frequently. The problem can be further exacerbated due to the fact procedures are often carried out by untrained practitioners or at home, with poor quality materials.

The reality is, it’s often really hard for the general public to know whether it’s OK to get your teeth whitened, and how to do it safely and effectively. Luckily at Sheffield Teeth Whitening, we’re here to help with some hand tips!

White Teeth

Using home kits


You don’t have to look for long online, or on social media to find a massive range of at-home teeth whitening kits for purchase. Some have amazing reviews, or even influencer endorsements. But, the reality is that many of these products are not fit for purpose, with poor quality outcomes or at worst, dangerous side effects for unsuspecting users. This is why it’s always best to go to a professional.

Finding a professional to do your teeth whitening


Away from the DIY methods, there is always the option to go to a qualified dental practitioner for your teeth whitening. Unfortunately though, this option can be a source of confusion in itself. That’s because many non-professionals, such as salon owners offer treatments too. Once again though, it boils down to finding someone qualified to do the job.

A proper dentist knows the procedures, has access to the right tools and chemicals, and can guide you through the treatment in a clear and easy to understand way. Unlike DIY products, or unqualified practitioners, you can rest assured this approach is completely safe, provided you follow their guidelines of course!

Listening to guidelines consistently


Even after finding the right professional (us we hope), it’s still very important to follow your dentist’s advice. Despite teeth whitening being a safe procedure, there can be issues, particularly around frequency.

#Repeated exposure can cause damage to teeth and weaken them, creating sensitive or even damaged teeth. So, to maintain a healthy and functioning set of teeth, it’s really important for you to find a dentist you can trust, stick with them and listen to what they say. We’d always advise that you consult with them if you’re planning a treatment, and then if you’d like to return, make sure they have your treatment history to hand. Switching practices and taking treatment options too frequently, really could cause you problems further down the line.

That being said, provided you stick with the simple steps of ignoring home kits, seeking out a professional, and following their treatment plan, you’ll find teeth whitening a fantastic way to get a whiter smile. We’ve seen many clients over the years who’ve massively boosted their confidence thanks to the procedure and can’t wait to help you start the process.

Should teeth whitening in Sheffield be of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll be able to get you booked in for an appointment in no time.